Colour Charts

Colour Range

All products are available in a range of standard colours.

Micropellets can offer our customers a wide range of colours to suit their application needs. Custom colours are available on request.

NOTE: Some colours may not be suitable for a particular application as product performance requirements may prohibit the use of certain colour choices.

Colour Fastness

We have worked together with our suppliers and have made sure that our compounds are the most robust formulations we can create.

All colour fastness and heat stability values are to the highest possible standard for the given colour hue.

Colour Samples

Colour swatches available on request.


Available in 25 kg bags & 1,000 kg bulk bags. Tailored packaging quantities available.

Tank Colours

RT 711UV for water & chemical tank manufacture

Tank Colour Matching Guide.pdf

General Colours

RT 705UV brighter colours for applications where higher melt flow is required

General Colour Chart.pdf