Service & Delivery

Rototuff™ is available throughout Australia, our extensive network is capable of supplying Australasia.

Our staff have extensive product knowledge and know how the products perform, providing customers with the assurance that they are available to visit their manufacturing site to ensure they are getting the best possible result.

Quality & Standards

Micropellets strives to deliver high quality products and are proud to have acheived conformance from SAI Global for the Rototuff™ product RT711UV. It is and always has been, important for Micropellets to achieve and maintain the best quality and service in this competetive market and to operate in accordance with the Australian & New Zealand Standards 4766:2006 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals (raw materials).

23-25 June 2019 | BRISBANE

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1st Mar 2019 (Since 2013)

SAI Global
Certificate of Conformity Issued to
Micropellets Pty Ltd

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Qenos Pty Ltd

Suppliers of Hexene
LLDPE for Rototuff™

Quality ISO:9001

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Australian Water
Quality Centre

Testing products for
contact with drinking water

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